French Institute – Book Club

Saw an advert today, placed by the French Institute, for a book discussion club on Wednesday 23rd.  At least I think that is what it is, for in true French inimitable style, the advert was written in French (as are the opening and closing times on the French Institute website!).

Bonjour French speakers!

Join us on Wednesday 23, January to our 3rd book discussion club.

Curiosité , amour de la lecture , envie d’en discuter?

C’est gratuit et à partir de 18:00!

Au plaisir de vous voir mercredi.

Rose marie

I guess the books under discussion are from French writers and will require those discussing to be familiar with French.

(Think i will be giving this one a miss)

If you fancy dusting off that GCSE in French though, have a look at their advert for more info.


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