Irrawaddy Lit Fest – Update 2

With only 48 hours left until the festival begins, the final programme schedule has come out, revealing a few extras not previously mentioned, such as …

  • British Council workshops on how parents can encourage their children to read and write at home – Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 to 10.20 and repeated at 4.30 to 5.20.
  • A children’s area with competitions and activities on the veranda outside the Exhibition Room.

A quick look at the ticket sales and it seems that, unsurprisingly, the Saturday will be the most popular day.  If you haven’t already bought a ticket, best do it now (the BC ran out of Saturday tickets twice this week.)

My picks for the stand out sessions this weekend:


Poetry:Bones will Crow and other works: Ko Ko Thett, Zeyar Lynn and James Byrne – 10.30am in the Ballroom

Translation and Adaption: Tsan Linn Htun and Lay Ko Tin – 11.30 in the Ruby Room

Writing under Censorship: Timothy Garton-Ash and Zarganar – 3.30pm in the Ballroom


ASSK in conversation Dr U Thaw Kaung: 2.30pm in the Ballroom

The Writer’s Character: Ye Shan and Thin Yee – 4.30pm in the Exhibition Room

Desert Island Literature: ASSK, Vikram Seth, Jung Chang and William Dalrymple – 5.30pm in the Ballroom


The Road Map: Ma Thida and Myo Myint Nyein – 11.30am in the Ballroom

Writer’s and their Creations: Mu Mu and Su Thae Mon – 12.30pm in the Ruby Room A

Burma/Myanmar, the Crossroads of East and West: Thant Myint U and Akash Kapur – 2.30pm in the Ruby Room B


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