Tun Foundation Literary Awards

The annual Tun Foundation awards are one of Myanmar’s more important, independent literary prizes.  Created out of a private fund from the founders of the Tun banking family, it recognises books and manuscripts written in Burmese and English in 12 categories including History, Biography, Culture and Environment plus a lifetime achievement award … 

This year, its 12th iteration, was held at the Myanmar Bank Association building in Yangon with cash prizes of 1000 GBP for each of the lifetime achievement recipients, former MWA Chairman Sithu U Tin Hlaing (Ledwintha Saw Chit) and Dr. Tin Hlaing (Bo Hlaing).

Each category winner received a generous 800 GBP

Saya Thado Lwin: Economics

Dr. Hla Kyi (Ahaya Sayawingyi) and Saya U Thein Swe: Health

Saya Bo Hlaing: Translation

Prof. Khin Maung Win (Athe): Biography

Saya Dr. Aung Than Ba Tu and Saya Dr. Aung Gyi: Biography in English

Thein Than Win (Mahlaing) and Saya Nanda Min Lwin: Culture

Saya Tun Yi (Shay Haung Thu Tay Thi) and Dr Sein Myint: History

U Than Htike: Reference

Saya Thape Pan Ko Ko Aung and Saya Gyo Nghet: Environment

Saya Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing: Youth

Saya Dr. Saw Mra Aung: History in English

Saya Thint Naw and Ma Hnin Phway: General

Saya Nanda Moe Kyaw: Children’s Literature

Dr. Khaing Khaing Win: Knowledge.

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