Writer Profile: Sai Sang Pe

Sai Sang Pe is an ethnic Shan children’s writer and literary scholar.  The author and designer of 8 children’s books in the Shan Gyi language, many of which aim to educate the Shan youth on drug awareness and health …

Before the abolition of censorship, none of his books were allowed to be sold in bookshops due to the language they were written, but with the assistance of the Shan Culture and Literature Association, the books were sold in ‘unofficial’ bookshops in Shan State, often in the back rooms of general stores owned by the SCLA.  A veterinary surgeon by training, Sai Sang Pe went on to become the vice-chairman of the SCLA in Yangon leading their annual Shan literature development conferences.  He currently lives in Yangon.

For more on Sai Sang Pe and other writers from the borderlands of Myanmar please take a look at my book ‘The People Elsewhere: Unbound Journeys with the Storytellers of Myanmar’ 

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