Chit Oo Nyo -Philosophy to Historical Novels

Chit Oo Nyo (b.1947) is a notable historical novelist, academic and scriptwriter.  Though born in Mandalay, he has spent most of his life in education, working in one capacity or another in the philosophy departments of universities across the country including the National University of Arts and Culture in Yangon.  His first stories appeared in the respected Moe Wai and Shumawa literary journals in the 1970’s before he progressed into the form which has made him famous, the historical novel.  Many of his 89 works are set in the early Bagan era and are noted for adaptations of classic legends and admired for his accuracy in research and detail of the historical timelines he writes in.  One of his earliest novels, and the work that brought him to readers’ attention ‘Lingadi-pa’s Romantic’ was recently translated into English and published in Myanmar.  He lives in Yangon with his wife where they run the ‘Lingadi-pa Publishing House’.


profile - chit oo nyo

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