Resist: Stories of Uprising

‘Resist: Stories of Uprising’ is the follow up to Comma Press’ hugely successful ‘history-into-fiction’ series.  My story, titled ‘No Pasaran’, is set during the Liverpool dockers dispute of 1995 to 1998 and follows two dockers who embark on an international  journey of solidarity.

Many thanks to Union reps and dockers Mike Carden, Terry and Tony in Liverpool for letting me in.

From the Comma Press website:

‘In this new collection of fictions and essays, spanning two millennia of British protest, authors, historians and activists re-imagine twenty acts of defiance: campaigns to change unjust laws, protests against unlawful acts, uprisings successful and unsuccessful – from Boudica to Blair Peach, from the Battle of Cable Street to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. Britain might not be famous for its revolutionary spirit, but its people know when to draw the line, and say very clearly, ‘¡No pasarán!’’

Resist is out now (October 2019) and available in hardback and e-book now and paperback in the coming months from most book retailers in the UK including Foyles, Waterstones, the Guardian Bookshop, W.H.Smiths and of course, Amazon

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