Resist: Stories of Uprising

Resist: Stories of Uprising

My story, titled ‘No Pasaran’, set during the Liverpool dockers dispute of 1995 is featured in Comma Press’ new anthology of protest inspired fiction.

From the Comma Press website:

‘In this new collection of fictions and essays, spanning two millennia of British protest, authors, historians and activists re-imagine twenty acts of defiance: campaigns to change unjust laws, protests against unlawful acts, uprisings successful and unsuccessful – from Boudica to Blair Peach, from the Battle of Cable Street to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. Britain might not be famous for its revolutionary spirit, but its people know when to draw the line, and say very clearly, ‘¡No pasarán!’’

Available in Hardback and E-book now and paperback in the coming months from most book retailers in the UK including Foyles, Waterstones, the Guardian Bookshop, W.H.Smiths and of course, Amazon

The People Elsewhere

The People Elsewhere

My debut narrative non-fiction.  An unconventional literary travelogue, following my search for censored and forgotten writers, poets and publishers across the conflict states of Myanmar from 2011 to 2016.

*shortlisted for the 2018 Saroyan International Prize for Writing.


‘Lucas Stewart’s book is an exquisite map of the many literatures of Myanmar … it braids travel, history and literary criticism in a most ingenious way …’ (Chandrahas Choudhury, Author of Clouds)

‘The People Elsewhere is a vigorous and compelling travel parable.  More importantly, it’s the story we have been waiting to read about Myanmar’ (James Byrne, Co-editor of Bones Will Crow: 15 Contemporary Burmese Poets)

‘Lucas Stewart’s journey across Myanmar offers a fascinating insight and a rare glimpse of life through its storytellers …’  (Nick Danziger, Photojournalist and Author of Danziger’s Travels)


The print edition can be found in all good bookshops in the Asia-Pacific region (China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc), while the e-book can be bough in the UK and US from Amazon

Hidden Words, Hidden Worlds

Hidden Words, Hidden Worlds

Hidden Words, Hidden Words: Contemporary Short Stories from Myanmar is the first anthology of short stories from Myanmar published in the UK, the product of five years work in Myanmar and co-edited by myself and Alfred Birnbaum,

7 of the leading contemporary Burmese language writers and 7 new voices from the ethnic regions, guide us on a sweeping journey, from the cities to the mountains, of this once pariah nation.  Written in scripts until recently censored and outlawed the anthology presents a country that goes beyond the familiar lens of isolation and dictatorship unveiling a storied and diverse landscape of people and place.  From the child imprisoned in Yangon in the south to the jaded miner of Kachin in the north, these stories, each set in a different region and era, reflect on Myanmar’s troubled past and pose questions for the future of a country undergoing a transformation of global importance.

Featuring stories translated from Burmese, Mon, Karen (Sgaw Karen), Kayah (Kayah Li), Shan (Shan Gyi), Kachin (Jinghpaw), Chin (Lai Hakha) and Rakhine.

‘Fascinating and smart, the eclectic collection of short stories found in Hidden Words Hidden Worlds: Contemporary Short Stories from Myanmar is recommended as much for its ability to serve as a primer on the ethnic diversity of Myanmar as it is for the enjoyableness of the stories.’ (T F Rhoden, Asian Review of Books)

‘Singular not merely in its collaborative breadth, it is unprecedented: it is the first time in a half-century that such an ambitious and eclectic literary undertaking has been able to occur at all.’ (Martin Kovan, Masacara Lit Review)

‘ … an enjoyable, at times even mesmerizing read’, (Richard Roewer, Tea Circle)


The limited print run of 750 copies of this anthology have now gone but an e-book will be made available on all online platforms soon.

Cafe Stories

Cafe Stories

My winning story from the 2018 Dinesh Allirajah prize for Short Fiction is featured in this e-anthology from Comma Press.

‘The shortlist was chosen with the help of UCLan creative writing students, who then handed it over to our panel of judges for 2018, which included Dr. Naomi Kruger (Lecturer in Creative Writing at UCLan), Claire Dean (author of multiple short stories for Comma, debut collection published by Papaveria in 2017), Abdulrazak Gurnah (novelist and lecturer at University of Kent) and Inua Ellams (poet, performer, playwright, graphic artist and designer).

Featuring all ten shortlisted stories, including the winning story, ‘Bakhur’ by Lucas Stewart, and stories by runners-up Stephen Hargadon and Selma Carvalho.’

Buy it from Amazon for only 99p!