Selected Essays, Articles and Other Reportage

On Burma’s Ethnic Writing Emerging after Years of Exclusion. Voices, 28th September 2015

On Kachin Literature: Writing for the World. Shapawng Yawng, February 2015 (print only)

On Myanmar Literature Associations. My Yangon, 6th January 2015

On The Kachin: Culture of the Mountain Lords. PEN America, 31st October 2014

On The Act of Insanity. Asian Cha, Issue 25, September 2014

On Hidden Worlds. The Irrawaddy Journal, 14th July 2014

On Myanmar’s Literary Talk Shows.The Diplomat, 5th May 2014

On Writing in a Hidden World. Arts Professional, 19th February 2014

On How to Invest in Burma’s Writers. Voices, 18th November 2013

On the Hidden Languages of Burma. English Pen, 26th September 2013


Interviews in Print, Online and Multi-Media

Griffin, Kate. ‘Hidden Words, Hidden Worlds: In Conversation‘, National Centre for Writing, Podcast, January 2018

Goodwin, Georgina. ‘Storytelling in Myanmar‘, British Council, Podcast, 28th November 2017

Kim, Phillip. Interview with Lucas Stewart’. Asia Literary Review, Issue 34, Winter 2017

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