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Resist: Stories Of Uprising

Featuring my short story – ‘No Pasaran’ At a time that feels unprecedented in British politics – with unlawful prorogations of parliament, casual race-baiting by senior politicians, and a climate crisis that continues to be ignored – it’s easy to think these are uncharted waters for us, as a democracy. But Britain has seen political crises and far-right extremism before, just as it has witnessed regressive, heavy-handed governments. Much worse has been done, or allowed to be done, in the name of the people and eventually, those same people have called it out, stood up, resisted. In this new collection of fictions and essays, spanning two millennia of British protest, authors, historians and activists re-imagine twenty acts of defiance: campaigns to change unjust laws, protests against unlawful acts, uprisings successful and unsuccessful – from Boudica to Blair Peach, from the Battle of Cable Street to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. Britain might not be famous for its revolutionary spirit, but its people know when to draw the line, and say very clearly, ‘¡No pasarán!’ The anthology is available in hardback and e-book across the world in Amazon, the big chain stores and the great indie shops in the UK, Or you can buy direct from the publisher Comma Press. The paperback will be out in May 2020.

Resist: Stories of Uprising

What Someone Said…

‘There’s an urgency to this publication… It’s risky, it’s Godless and utterly successful.’

New Welsh Review

‘The stories are of a consistently high literary quality, and more importantly, do vital work in finding the human element in mass protests and key historical moments of insurrection.’

LSE Review of Books

‘Resist is a deftly curated anthology… This is a book for complex political times that celebrates protest as a progressive force in society.’

NB Magazine

Beautifully curated and emotive yet scholarly – but not polemical, didactic or dry – this is an anthology to weep over and to galvanise the spirit.

Number 9 Reviews

One of Waterstones’ ‘Best of 2019’

One of the Guardian Bookshops ‘Ones to Watch’ 2019

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