Sadaik is at the crossroads of the literature from Myanmar and it’s politics, culture, history and travel.

Lucas Stewart is an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction, a former literature advisor to the British Council in Myanmar and co-founder of the Kachin: Uncivil War short story project

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‘Lucas Stewart’s book … braids travel, history and literary criticism in a most ingenious way

Chandrahas Choudhury – Author of Clouds

‘Singular not only in its collective breadth: it is unprecedented’

Martine Kovan – Mascara Literary Reivew

There’s an urgency to this publication … it’s risky, it’s godless and utterly successful’

New Welsh Review

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All the updated news on what’s happening in the literary world in Myanmar, from book launches, to book cafes, to lucas’s own books and short stories


Have you heard of the God Script from Chin State?  Do you know the oldest bookshop in the furthest north of Kachin State?  Here is a gathering of posts from travels in the borderlands of Myanmar, how to get there and what to do if you make it there, all connected to literature in a hundred languages


Politics and Literature in Myanmar are inextricably bound.  Often to the detriment of the former.  Here is a series of longer reads, on censorship, the civil conflicts, the politicians and their policies, and how literature from Myanmar weaves through them all.


Myanmar literature is one of the world’s least translated, and least known literatures, especially those from the ethnic borderlands.   Here is where Myanmar literature comes alive, with a collection of writer profiles, poet interviews, book reviews and more.