Writer Profile: Ah Phyu Yaung (shwe)

Ah Phyu Yaung (shwe) aka White Gold (b.1973) is a short story writer and businesswoman. Her first published story appeared in the widely respected Shwe Amyutae Magazine under her pseudonym Ah Phyu Yaung. Later, she was bestowed the suffix (shwe) to her pen name as a mark of respect from the editorial board of Shwe Amyutae …

During her writing career she has published 44 short stories along with articles and essays in popular journals such as Mahaythi, Kalyar, Mahaw Thadar, Pann Alinka, Yanant Thit, Pay Phoo Hlwar and Rati. She was a recipient of the much coveted Peoples Choice award in 2006 and the Shwe Amyutae Short Story Award for Reflections of Ego in 2016.

Her first full collection of short stories titled Sounds of Knocking (on the Door) and other short stories was published on 16 May 2013.  Her second work The Drowning of a Fairy Horse in Dirty Salty Waters and other short stories was published in December 2014.  She is currently working on her third collection.

Born in Taunggyi in Shan State, she now lives with her family in Yangon.

*This is the second in a series of adapted profiles on writers taken from the 2017 anthology Hidden Words Hidden Worlds: Contemporary Short Stories from Myanmar