Dr Thant Myint U’s Lost Paragraph

The third printing of the Myanmar-language version of Dr Thant Myint-Us 2007 book The River of Lost Footsteps was launched on March 14, with a paragraph restored that had been censored from earlier editions

The paragraph that was censored before concerns incidents surrounding the army crackdown on protestors in front of Yangon General Hospital in 1988, said the books publisher, Dr Thant Thaw Kaung.

The third edition also contains an updated biography of Dr Thant Myint-U.

The book was translated into Myanmar from the original English by Daw Mra Hninzi. The third edition is available for K6500 at bookstores throughout Yangon.

Source@Myanmar Times

Okay, the title was a little bit misleading, the paragraph wasn’t lost, it was censored, but thanks to the digital age with live in, even Myanmar’s Press Scrutiny and Registration Division couldn’t censorship the the whole internet.  For after Dr Thant Thaw Kaung at the Myanmar Book Centre submitted the book for publication and was told to omit the paragraph of concern, Thant Myint U simply uploaded the paragraph onto his blog for every one to read.

Image credit @Kyaw Phyo Tha