Hidden Words Hidden Worlds: Contemporary Short Stories from Myanmar

After 5 long years, Hidden Words, Hidden Worlds: Contemporary Short Stories from Myanmar is finally ready!  Edited by myself and Alfred Birnbaum and published by the British Council, the anthology will be launched in the UK on November 8th 2017 …

From the back cover:

‘In the first anthology of short stories from Myanmar published in the West, seven of the leading contemporary Burmese-language writers and seven new voices from the ethnic regions, guide us on a sweeping journey, from the cities to the mountains, of this once pariah nation. Written in scripts until recently censored and outlawed, and through distinct cultural perspectives, the anthology presents a country that goes beyond the familiar lens of isolation and dictatorship to unveil a storied and diverse landscape of people and place. From the child imprisoned in Yangon in the south to the jaded Kachin miner in the north, these stories, each set in a different region and era, reflect on Myanmars troubled past and pose questions for the future of a country undergoing a transformation of global importance.

Featuring stories translated from Burmese, Mon, Karen (Sgaw Karen), Kayah (Kayah Li), Shan (Shan Gyi), Kachin (Jinghpaw), Chin (Lai Hakha) and Rakhine.’

More information on launches and content soon.