On A Phyu Yaung Shwe’s New Anthology

‘Yee Kyaw, who writers under the pen name A Phyu Yaung Shwe, celebrated the release of her second short story collection, curiously titled A Winged Horse Flies into a Lake, published by LWP in Yangon last Thursday. A Pen Myanmar member and Peoples Choice Award winner, A Phyu Yaung Shwe is one of the notable female writers of her generation with fans across the country. National Literature Award Winners, Ye Sha and Mie Chan Wei, opened the launch with readings from the anthology to an audience that included former literary prisoner and activist Dr Ma Thida (Sanchang), the poet Khin Aung Aye and performance artist Su Mie Aung.’

My short article on A Phyu Yaung Shwe’s first anthology of short stories for over two years. Originally posted on Kitaab. Read it here.

Image credit@yee kyaw