Sadaik Short Reviews: A Garden on a Far Flung Peak

An unnamed, newly promoted headmaster attempts to build a perfect school in a village in the northern Chin Hills. As with a lot of realist fiction from Myanmar, this novel reads like a memoir …

… characters come and go with little development, there is no plot to speak of, merely a recurring list of happenings. Nevertheless, the novel does contain some bright passages and Nyi Nyi Pes translation, while perhaps too faithful to the text, is certainly readable.

A Garden on a Far Flung Peak

Title: A Garden on a Far Flung Peak

Author: Kaung Thant

Translator: Nyi Nyi Pe (BKK)

Publisher: Kaung Thant Publishing House

Published: 2013

(Sadaik Shorts is a collection of very short reviews of fiction and non fiction from Myanmar)