Sadaik Short Reviews: I am Poetry, Don’t you Cry

If ever there was a book which showed the world how to publish a translated work in minority, national and international languages, this is it. Written originally in Lai Hakha by the ethnic Chin poetess and creative polymath Anna Biak …

Then translated into Burmese by Maung Day, then bridge translated into English by Salai Zing Mang, published by the legendary Era Press, a foreword by the renowned Aung Cheimt, featuring tri-lingual scripts and partitioned by abstract, coloured artwork from Anna herself, there are, unfortunately, no more words left to me to explain how beautiful and significant this book is. It irritates me that this book is not more widely known, recognised and loved.

I am Poetry, Don't You Cry

Title: I Am Poetry, Dont You Cry

Author: Aidii,

Translators: Maung Day/ Salai Zing Mang

Publisher: The Eras Publishing House

Published: 2016

(Sadaik Shorts is a series of very short reviews of fiction and non-fiction from Myanmar writers in English)