Sadaik Short Reviews: Shan Legends

Pu Loi Hom and Pu Loi Tun are two of the leading ethnic Shan writers. Here, they have rendered into faultless English, a collection of tales from their community which meanders through time and across different lands. Each oral tale imposes – as they were designed – its own moral lesson to the reader …

yet the direction of the tale, its purpose, its origin and importantly its source, shrewdly referenced at the books end, tie the stories to a much more modern world, one which many of the political elders today, both Bama and ethnic, would be wise to read in the years to come if that world is to be peaceful.

Shan Legends

Title: Shan Legends

Editors: Pu Loi Hom/Pu Loi Tun

Publisher Zaw Oo

Published: 2014

(Sadaik Shorts is a series of very short reviews of fiction and non-fiction from Myanmar writers in English)