Sadaik Short Reviews: The Bagan Wayfarer

Paragu, the penname of Hla Kyaing, regularly appears on the list of prominent 20th century Burmese writers. With over 100 published novels, The Bagan Wayfarer is an unusual stray into travel literature for him and is exceptionally well done …

Foregoing the typical guidebook commentary that is evident in other travel narratives from the country, here the author combines a deep knowledge of the Bagan era with an actual descriptive journey that threads the history of the temples together. If you are going to Bagan, I can think of no better companion than Paragus wayfarer.

Bagan Wayfarer

Title: The Bagan Wayfarer

Author: Paragu

Translator: Kyi Kyi Hla

Publisher: Seikku Cho Cho

Published: 2013

(Sadaik Shorts is a series of very short reviews of fiction and non-fiction from Myanmar writers in English)