Sadaik Short Reviews: The Bamboo Clapper Essays

A collection of fifty short articles published in the mid to late 1960s in the Working Peoples Daily newspaper. While most anthologised articles from Myanmar rarely have a thematic identity, this particular collection, compiled by Win Pes son, is an extreme jumble of thoughts …

A mish-mash of writings on archaeology, astronomy, the cubic volume of a brain, damages to golf courses, ancient Egyptian poetry and the coconut. As a diversion into the mind of Win Pe, the collection is certainly a success. As a window into Myanmar and the people in the 1960s, a time of huge political and social change, it reveals little.

The Bamboo Clapper Essays

Title: The Bamboo Clapper Essays

Author: Mya Zin (Win Pe)

Publisher: Seikku Cho Cho

Published: 2015

(Sadaik Shorts is a series of very short reviews of fiction and non-fiction from Myanmar writers in English)