Sadaik Short Reviews: The Other Side of the Wall

Translated in 1996 but not published until 2013, possibly the only novel of Ma Jus available in English. The Other Side of the Wall follows Nhaung Khin Zaw, a young woman who predicts her death will come on her 24th birthday and her slide into depression as the date nears …

She strikes a friendship with Doctor Cie, a psychiatrist, who questions Nhaungs premonition and attempts to convince her of the life she still has to live. Sheila Nath Desmonds translation skilfully tackles a complicated story of death, despair and faith.

The Other Side of the Wall

Title: The Other Side of the Wall

Author: Ma Ju,

Translator: Sheila Nath Desmond

Publisher: Ju Publishing House

Published: 2013

(Sadaik Shorts is a series of very short reviews of fiction and non-fiction from Myanmar writers in English)