A sadaik is a wooden chest, bound in lacquer and used for centuries in Myanmar, both in monasteries and the Royal court, to hold palm-leaf manuscripts – sermons, poetry, prayers, orders. This sadaik is a hybrid site. It’s a place for my work as a writer, my books, articles, news, etc but it’s also a dedication to literature of Myanmar, a place we have lived for many years.

Sadaik started in early 2012, before the end of 50 years of government censorship on the written word, and so was published anonymously. Over the years it has grown, shrunk and evolved just as I have.

Now i hope Sadaik to be a resource. A place where those who have seen my work can come and know more, and where those interested in Myanmar, and want to know more about this country, can.

The hundreds of posts made on Sadaik over the years are always about showcasing one the least appreciated and translated of literatures – the writers, poets, editors, associations, journals, competitions, books, bookshops and publishers. But given literature’s ability to seep into every aspect of our lives, most of these posts also about politics, about history and about travel in Myanmar.

So, I hope you find what you are looking for about me or this amazing country, and if not, jut send me a note on the contact form.