Writer Profile: Sein Sein

Sein Sein (b.1928 – 1972) was one of the most successful of the second generation of 20th Century female Burmese writers (a generation that included Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay and Khin Hnin Yu) … 

She published her first poem in 1947, and though achieving some early success with short stories (Corpse of the Artist being her most well known) it was with the novel that she found her place.  Her novel, The Good Son (1953) a work on peace and reconciliation, won the 1954 National Literature Award.  She went on to win another NLA three years later with Lwan Thit San and a third in 1967 for I Want to Crush the Mount Yoe Ma.  Her final NLA award was given in 1970 to her autobiography Labyrinth Journey.  Though Sein Sein passed away in 1972, her autobiography is still in print.

This profile is an excerpt taken and reproduced with the kind permission of the editors from the Burmese language A to Z of Burmese writers, Volume 1, 2016, and co-translated into English with Dennis Htoo.