Writing and the Internet in Burma

Burma is a country loved by statisticians. It’s one of those countries that is either at the top or the bottom of the table, usually neither are good. My favourite statistic, however, and one that pretty much laughs in the face of the ‘Asia’s Next Tiger’ moniker being casually thrown around as if it a done deal just around the corner, is Burma’s telecommunication infrastructure which, according to according to the International Telecommunication Union ranks Burma last on every index with 216/216 for SIM card per 100 people and 218/219 for internet usage with just 1% …

Let’s face it, when North Korea has more SIM cards and more Somalian have access to the internet than you then it’s a long road.

So what’s this got to do with Myanmar literature.  Not much, except a sudden, unexplainable and prolonged absence of internet over the last month, has frustrated all attempts to post on this blog.

Hopefully, now that i am back in the land of the online, i can backload some posts that have been queuing up, including last week’s Myanmar literature workshop at the National theatre plus some up-dates on the Showcased section.

image credit@By The Opte Project