Article: On Investing In Myanmar’s Writers

Any longer-term watchers of Burma will have noticed something curious over the last couple of years. After the European Union (and later the United Sates) lifted economic sanctions on the country in April 2012, Western newspapers and blogs were awash with wide-eyed stories of courageous entrepreneurs risking all in the last frontier market, making their millions over golden handshakes in hotel saloons …

These reports appeared to have tailed off recently, culminating in last months release of a World Bank report listing Burma as one of the top ten most difficult places in the world in which to do business. Exorbitant rental prices, stifling bureaucracy, dislocated partner networks, underdeveloped infrastructures and the inimitable grey areas no you cant do it, but yes you can.’

My article for the British Council Voices magazine on working with writers in Myanmar.  Read the rest here.